Quality Soccer Style Kicking Shoes & Square Toe Kicking Shoes

Football kicking shoes offered at Wizard Kicking include the Plus Series soccer style punting shoe and  kangaroo skin punting & kicking shoe.  Along with the soccer style punting and kicking shoes we also stock the Square Toe Kicking Shoe.  The soccer style punting and kicking shoes were designed by Wizard Kicking.  With testing & input from top kickers and punters you are sure to be impressed with the soccer style punting and placekicking shoes.  What makes our shoes very reasonable and convenient is that we allow you to purchase either a single cleat for the kicking foot only or you can purchase as a pair.  The kangaroo skin +3 kicking & punting shoe and the Square Toe Kicking Shoes are in stock for immediate delivery.  Also make sure to check out our new Trusox sports performance socks and Metasox.  The Trusox help keep your foot from moving around in your athletic shoe and the Metasox help protect the top of your foot while improving power.  Please scroll down and check out more detailed info on these great shoes and performance enhancing socks.


Wizard Plus Series Punting & Kicking Shoes

Kangaroo Skin Soccer Style Punting & Kicking Shoe

Designed By Wizard Kicking & Pentagon Sports

 +3®  Is a Registered Trademark of Wizard Sports Equipment Inc.

Punting & Kicking Shoe Quality Features:

  • Side lace design for improved foot to ball contact.
  • Confident & comfortable feel.
  • Solid black with burgandy/grey +3 logo.
  • Designed by kickers for kickers.
  • Input from top pro & college kickers & punters.
  • Quality and durable construction with stitched sole.
  • New soft, flexible & lightweight 9.8 oz. full grain kangaroo leather.
  • Specialized last that conforms to the foot for a glovelike fit.
  • Reinforced toe & impact area.
  • Molded & Flexible with a low 1/2" cleated bottom.
  • Great kicking shoe at a Great Price.


Although, we are using the best and strongest shoe leather, please be aware that kicking puts a tremendous amount of strain on the instep area.  This is particularly true when the kicker is practicing for long periods of time and making a great amount of kicks.  Unfortunately, we cannot make a shoe that has all the benefits of being lightweight, soft and flexible and still make it so durable that it is indestructible.  For that reason we cannot guarantee the shoe will not eventually wear out from excessive use.  We do, of course, guarantee the shoe to be free from any manufacturing defects.  Most our customers go through a good two shoes a year.


For a snug fit order your kicking shoe one full size smaller than your regular football cleat.  Our +3 kicking shoe is about one full size oversized in comparison with other shoes.  Or if you wear a size 10 very snug tennis shoe, I would order a size 9 Kicking Shoe.  (One full size smaller)  If you order an incorrect size we will exchange the shoe.   Shoe must not have been used or worn outside and must be in perfect condition.

(Available sizes 6-11.5 w/ half sizes plus size 12 and 13 Right or Left)
Great Idea To Always Carry A Back-Up Kicking Shoe(See Below)


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Part # SQ-3K Our Low Price $68.00
Foot: Size: 

Kangaroo Skin Soccer Style Punting & Kicking Shoe

One Left and One Right

(Sizing And More Product Info Above)

Part # SQ-3KP Our Low Price $124.00


The Wizard +3 kangaroo skin kicking shoes are really comfortable and have a great feel to them when making ball contact.  Mike Nugent- Bengals Pro Kicker
"I absolutely LOVE your shoe!  After breaking it in a bit at home, I kicked with it last Sunday, and it is absolutely fantastic.  Well done.  I am going to start recommending your shoe to all of my students.  It has a great feel.  The leather form fits perfect to the foot and the ball jumps right off of it.  Your leather selection is excellent, as your shoe gave my kicks more power and distance.  I also loved the cleat design.  This is the first shoe I've used where I have not had to clip the cleats.  They don't get in the way at all, even when kicking off the ground.  The side lace design is great as well.  I was very impressed!!!
Mike MacGillivray- Kicking1on1 and former USC Kicker
Thanks! My son loves your equipment and shoes. He has been ranked
as one of the top kickers in the state for three years and your
products have really made a difference!
Hugh Gallagher-  Parent Of Top Kicker

Mike, I just wanted to thank you again for shipping my shoes in for me on game day. That meant a lot. Anyway I absolutely love the shoes. They are light wait, very flexible, comfortable, fit to foot very well and look good. Also they are a good fit for defensive back/wide receiver. The ball explodes off my foot. Also I love the maximization of surface area. (meaning I have become more accurate and precise) I will defiantly recommend this to my teammates and any other kickers/punters. Thank you again Mike. Matt Costantino

Hello Wizard Sports, My son Jared is a senior and had a good year and was just named to the All District Team for punting. His team ended up 10-3 and made it to the 3rd round of the playoffs. He is now looking for a college he can attend school and play football for in the fall 2011.  My 8th grader had a good year with all phases of the kicking game and his team was 7-1 and won district.  I can tell you that part of their success comes from having confidence in the Kicking shoes and other products they use to practice with and play with.   Thanks for the great products and service Wizard Sports Equipment provides.  
Thanks-Jerome Heim

My son has been using your Plus3 shoe for 3 years.  He cannot live without it!  His kicking has improved tremendously and he attributes his improvement to the design of the shoe.  He is only a kicker, kicking punts, extra points, kickoffs and field goals, not only in game situations but also in practice.  Given the fact that all he does all day at practice is kick, we are amazed at how well this shoe holds up considering the fact that it is so light weight and comfortable.  In fact, we are ordering two because we expect him to be able to use it in college next year, hopefully on a scholarship!  I recommend this kicking shoe to any kickers or potential kickers.  The shoe really does make a difference!
Chris Cosgrove- All State High School Kicker & Punter

Dear Wizard Sports,
I am very pleased with your products, as many people are.  But what I must compliment you on is the Kangaroo Skin Kicking Shoe.  Unlike any soccer or football cleat I have had to buy for kicking, the shoe still remains intact, despite the fact I am constantly kicking, even in the offseason.  Another great thing about this shoe is that is extremely cheap compared to other soccer/kicking cleats.  The lowest price I have seen for a pair of kicking shoes (as just one kicking shoe, unless a toe-kicker, is rarely seen)on other websites is $135.  One last thing I must comment on about the shoe is the fact that my accuracy has improved greatly since I have started using the shoe.   The next product that I love is the Wizard Easy Hold.  I have put my easy hold through a lot of abuse since I have received it.  Even though it is bent here and there, it still works very well, and does not seem to break under any circumstance.  One last thing I must comment on is the number of footballs available online.  Although most websites and sporting good stores have Wilson balls in stock, I can rarely find the Rawlings ST5 football (the football my school uses) anywhere.  It is always available on your site, and for a good price.  Thanks for your great customer service and the several innovations you have brought to the world of kicking. 
Bradley Ratcliff- San Antonio, Texas

I wanted to write a quick note and tell you how pleased I and my son are with the Wizard kicking shoe I bought for him over six months ago.  Wizard Plus3.  In the past he has used various types of shoes made by others, some costing over $120.00, none of which lasted even half as long as the Wizard shoe.  He still kicks with the same shoe, which has made it through all the summer practices, practice during the season, all the games and practice now. And as I'm sure you're aware, we had a pretty rainy summer and fall here in Florida so on many days the shoe got very wet.  Other than a little of the color rubbing off, the shoe has held up perfectly.  My son says it is comfortable on his foot.  I'd buy another shoe now, but this one may last another year and his foot may grow.  The Wizard shoe is by far the best kicking shoe, and value, he has had.
John Futchko Melbourne, Florida

 Dear Mike- Just want to let you know that my 2 sons have been using your kicking shoe and absolutely love it.  Ricky used it this season while kicking for Syracuse University and said "it was the best kicking shoe he ever wore" My other son Ross who is an 8th grader wore the shoe all season and like his brother swears by it.  Thanks Mike for a truly great product for kickers. 
Jeff Krautman- Franklin Lakes, NJ.
Father and former Junior Football Coach

Dear Mike @ Wizard Kicking
I really like my new Plus3 Kangaroo Skin Kicking/Punting shoe.  I am a high school student and I have been practicing since last fall in hopes to gain the kicking spot on my football team next season.  All this winter my Dad and I have been out kicking.  My accuracy is consistently improving with my new shoe and it feels great on.  Wish me luck this fall!
Travis Huber
High School Freshman
My son, Derek, is a Senior at Southern Door High School, in Brussels, Wisconsin.  He is very pleased with SQ-1PS and with the prompt service, he tried it out in practice yesterday, his longest Field Goal until yesterday was 45 yards, but with the shoe, he kicked a 60 yard FG.  He's one happy boy!!!  Thanks Again!
Kelly Tassoul


Kangaroo Skin Soccer Style Punting & Kicking Shoe

Great Kicking Shoe At A Low Down Price


Designed By Wizard Kicking

 +3®  Is a Registered Trademark of Wizard Sports Equipment Inc.

Punting & Kicking Shoe Quality Features:

  • Side lace design for solid impact.
  • The perfect ball to foot contact.
  • Confident & comfortable feel.
  • Designed by kickers for kickers.
  • Input from top pro & college kickers & punters.
  • Quality and durable construction.
  • Full Grain Lightweight Kangaroo Leather, Shoe Weight 11 Oz.
  • Reinforced toe & impact area.
  • Molded & Flexible with a low cleated bottom.
  • Great kicking shoe at a Great Price.


For a snug fit order your kicking shoe one full size smaller than your regular football cleat or snug tennis shoe.  If you wear a size 10 shoe, I would order a size 9.  (One full size smaller)  If you order an incorrect size we will exchange the shoe.  Shoe must not have been used or worn outside and must be in perfect condition.

Part # SQ-3KL Our Low Price $49.00
Left Size: 

Quality Square Toe Kicking Shoe

(Solid Black Square Toe Kicking Shoe)

The upturned Square Toe angle provides a solid flat impact area that's the perfect choice for the straight-on-kicker.  The rigid toe box and pre-formed sole gives the user consistent results each and every time.  The upper is constructed from full grain leather.  The same quality features as last years model but solid black.

Available sizes right or left 9-11.5 w/ half sizes plus size 12, 13,14, & 15


Part # SQ-1PS Our Low Price $119.00
Foot: Size: 


Trusox Performance Sports Socks
Lock Your Foot In Your Shoe For Top Performance



  • Everyone knows that speed and agility are two of the most important factors in sports.
  • If you want to change direction faster, you have to maximize power transfer. In order to do that, you MUST stop your foot from moving within your shoe.
  • Did you know that you are losing explosiveness and time when you change directions in your sport? Think about it. If you run on a tile, hardwood, or linoleum floor, and try to cut and change direction in a regular sock, you will slide multiple inches, if not feet. You CANNOT explode in the new direction. Also if you try to run and cut on a carpeted floor in regular socks, the socks will usually stick to the carpet, but your foot will slide multiple inches within your sock, again compromising your explosiveness in the new direction. With regular socks, this same thing is happening within your shoe. Of course the shoe is stopping the movement from being as drastic, as when you are not wearing shoes, but don't be fooled, you are moving and it does not allow you to perform at your best. You cannot push off in the new direction with optimal power.
  • Perfect for all sports, TRUSOX Reduce Blisters! This is accomplished via the patented and patent pending technologies built into TRUSOX. They stop the repetitive motions between the foot, sock and shoe, that cause blisters.

    Utilizing the same concept as golf gloves, which help the golf club stay securely in the golfer's hand, TRUSOX make athletes more secure within their shoes.

    Can you imagine wearing normal socks as your glove in golf? The club would slip all around your hand (and your hand would move within the sock). This is because socks are made out of yarns that are slippery. Why then would you put that same slippery material in your shoes?

    TRUSOX lock your foot in your shoe, for top athletic performance! Leave your competition behind by changing directions faster!


    A single pair of TruSox can last for two years and more when looked after and washed correctly. We recommend a machine wash at low heat, or a hand-wash in cold water to achieve the best results.

    Do not bleach TruSox, as this will damage the technology within the anti-slip applications.

    We recommend tumble drying TruSox on a low heat.

    If you follow this advice, your TruSox should last you two years and more.

    A great sock to wear with our +3 kicking and punting shoe.  Our customers continue to give us great feedback and love the the secure non slip feeling these sock provide.

Choose Color, Size & Style Below

Part # WZ-TRX Our Low Price $39.00
Color: Size: Style: 

MetaSox Performance & Protection Socks
Protection, Power & Precision

Ankle, Crew

The Issue
As the game of football develops so do the players participating.  Never before have the players been so strong and fast.  As a result of the forces involved in the game have never been so large.  Combine this with the modern day football boot which offers no protection to the foot and it is easy to see why serious impact injuries are becoming more common.  The most prominent of these is the now highly publicised metatarsal.

The metatarsal are 5 long bones found between tarsal and phalange bones.  Their principle functions are propulsion and support.  Due to their thin structure and limited protection between the bone and the surface, they are highly susceptible to injury.

The Resolution
The Metasox are an evolution in technology progressing the sports and football socks into the 21st century.  They are a hybrid of sock and a shinpad developed to protect the wearer from injury to the metatarsal region.  It also provides the wearer with additional power when striking the ball due to composition of the pad.

Metasox are designed to work in synergy with the modern day football boot providing the player with all the qualities they are missing: support, protection, additional power and confidence.  The socks have been developed with a professional club and independently tested by a specialist company.

Protection- The winged shape covers the full Metatarsal region at only 3mm deep.  The MetaSox slicon panel can withstand 40 newtons of force.

Power- The MetaSox impact pad provides an extended contact period with the ball, passing on additional power to the wearer.

Precision- Engineered to extend the sweet spot, like a driver in golf, the MetaSox impact pad allows for a more accurate pass with less reaction from impact when striking the ball off-center.

Choose Color, Size & Style Below

Part # WZ-MTX Our Low Price $32.00
Color: Size: Style: 

New 2012 Wizard Sports Grey T-Shirts W/ Plus3 Logo On Sleeve

  • Quality 100% cotton T-Shirts.
  • New Big logo on front Side.  Wizard Sports Small Logo On Top Middle
  • Plus3 logo on sleeve.
  • New Grey Color 2012 T-Shirts
  • Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large
Part # WZ-TS5 Our Low Price $12.00

X-LARGE Quality 100% Hanes Cotton Plus3 Sweatshirt

  • 100% quality cotton New 2012 Grey extra large sweatshirt.
  • Wizard Sports Logo with  logo on the arm
Part # WZ-TS9 Our Low Price $24.00