Softballs, Youth and High School Softballs
NFHS Softballs, Little League Softballs, Dudley Fastpitch Balls

Wizard Sports offers the full line of softballs from Dudley, Diamond, Pro Nine, and Wilson.   We carry high school softballs, and youth softballs.  These balls are approved and used in many leagues such as Little League, Babe Ruth League, Cal Ripken League, Pony League, USSSA along with the NFHS approved balls.   We also stock various training balls and pitching machine balls.  Check out our whiffle balls, golf sized poly balls, dimpled balls, pitching machine baseballs.  If more product information is needed please call us Toll Free at (877) 559-5425.  If there is a product that you need and do not see here, please ask for a Team Quote