G Tee, Muhl Balls, Insider Bat, Hitting Tees & Swing Trainers

Wizard Sports offers a great selection of Fastpitch and Softball training products such as: The G Tee, The Insider Bat, Muhl Tech equipment, Muhl Balls, Advanced Hitting Tee, and the iOgrapher.  We have other great batting aides like the Jugs Toss Machine, 5-Point Hitting Tee, Solo Hitter, and the EquiTee.  We carry great SKLZ hitting trainers like the Hurricane Category 4  We have great hitting tools such as the Insider Bat, the Hand Eye Bat, and Power Alley hitting tees.  For infield training, we have pancake training gloves, pitchbacks and Pop Up Nets.  For soft toss drills, we have affordable poly balls and whiffle balls for softball.  Be sure to scroll down and check out some more detailed info on these great items.  If more product information is needed please call us Toll Free at (877) 559-5425.  If there is a product that you need and do not see here, please ask for a Team Quote