55L x 14W x 12H #42 2.6mm Batting Cage Net w/ Entry Door

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55L x 14W x 12H #42 2.6mm Batting Cage Net w/ Entry Door
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ProCage Batting Tunnel Nets

55L x 14W x 12H #42 2.6mm Batting Cage Net with Entry Door & Baffle Net

Entry door is sewn to one corner of the tunnel net with a 3 foot overlay. Door has yellow rope border for easy identification. Door remains closed with Velcro closure. Sewn in 12x11 baffle net also included at end of tunnel net.

ProCage batting cages are constructed of heavy synthetic HDPE fiber which is extruded with a Permanent Black Color and with very important Sunlight/ U.V. Inhibitors throughout each filament. 3 YEAR WARRANTY on most popular sizes. Our netting is manufactured using extremely high abrasion resistant twisted knotted netting, the strongest form of netting in commercial use.

What makes our netting better?

3 Year Warranty on most popular sizes.
Permanent Black Color: Each filament is extruded black - will not fade.
100% Waterproof: The absolute best filament for Outdoor Use.
U.V. Protection: Additives put directly into filament. Not a coating that wears off.
Twisted Knotted Netting: Strongest netting in commercial use. Will not run if cut.
Very High Abrasion Resistance: The biggest factor in long-term tunnel use.
Low-stretch: No drooping overhead or having to re-hang net due to stretch or sag.
Hung Square: Allows tunnel to open fully and hang straight. Best for reinforced edges, corners and seams.
Rope Reinforcement: All edges, corners and top hanging ropes use heavy synthetic rope with machine-sewn overlock-stitch.
No Rope Slippage: More durable than vinyl borders and grommets.
Ease Of Use:Top support ropes have extra lengths at both ends for ease in hanging.

Custom Size Batting Cage Nets Available Interested in NYLON nets? For more information, please call 877-559-5425

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