Hi Jason, Congratulations on your recent marriage!  I live 20 min from Fallbrook.  What, no invite?!? :)...  All kidding aside, thanks for taking the time to allow us to get to know you a little better.  Let's get started... Other than your lovely bride.. Who do you think of first when you just want to hang out and have a good time? 


If I wasn’t hanging out with my wife and dogs at home, and I wanted to have some fun. I would get a couple of my friends together and get out on the golf course. Nothing better than golf on a sunny day with your buds. 


I’m old school rock but I still listen to new artists.  What type of music do you prefer and what are you currently listening to?  


I am one of those guys that listens to it all. I have a lot of country, some Chili Peppers, rap, hip hop, and everything in between. I can enjoy just about anything, or whatever the mood brings about.


 Music is great on the road but when you want to watch a movie, do you go to a theater or stream it? 


My wife gets me into a ton of different shows. Usually I download them ahead of the trip and just pull out my iPad and zone out and enjoy the shows. I went through many shows very quickly, like House of Cards and Pablo Escobar. 


What is your all time favorite movie?


Sandlot. There are many that are in second but Sandlot never gets old for me.


You graduated from Marist so you’re no stranger to reading….Other than your playbook, what is the last book you read?


I am currently reading a golf book called, Every Shot Must Have a Purpose. It’s a sports physiologist book for golfers. But I enjoy it because I can easily translate it to kicking. It’s a great read for many specialists, and golfers. 


Do you have a favorite book?


I don’t really have a favorite. I enjoy reading books like the one I am currently reading, that helps me with kicking or day to day with my wife. Always looking for something new or a way to better myself. 


Would you rather read a book or listen to an audio book?


I drive between Scottsdale, Arizona and San Diego a lot in the off season, so audio books can kill time quickly. But I do enjoy sitting outside on a nice morning with some coffee. 


One nice part about playing in the NCAA and NFL is dining in some great cities.  What is your favorite restaurant so far?


We tried to hit a lot of nice steakhouses when I was with the specialists in Jacksonville. We had some great meals. But Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa Bay is number one currently. But there are some cities I have yet to visit. 


Gotta love a good steakhouse, yet we all crave home cooking tho.  What is your favorite home cooked meal?


My wife makes a killer stuffed chicken with asparagus. I bug her every week to make it. I absolutely love it. 


A Kicker must have a great leg and thick skin.  I saw you kick recently, and holy cow! You are legit.  As a former pitcher, I know that now matter how good you feel or perform some outings just don’t go your way, tho. How do you deal with a bad outing?


Being a specialist, you will need to know how to get over some games that just don’t go your way. Because they will happen. For me, I head home, crack open a nice IPA, and hang out with my wife in the backyard with our dogs. Life is always great. 


Amen to that!  Thanks for hangin' with me, Jason. I look forward to our next meeting and wish you the best of luck with the Seahawks this season.  One last thing before we go…..Speaking in terms of kicking only of course! …If you could start over as a high school freshman, what would you do differently?


I have only been out of high school for 9 years. But things have changed so much. If I was a freshman again, I wouldn’t worry about getting to a big school as much, cause anyone can make it into the NFL, no matter what size college you go to.


Couldn't agree with you more, Jason.  Thanks again


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