Our guest this time is former University of North Alabama Kicker, Kenny Spencer.  Kenny has been kicking professionally in the AFL since 2012.  Impressively, he was awarded “Kicker of the Year” his rookie season with the Spokane Shock.  Most recently he kicked for the LA Kiss right down the road from Wizard Sports.  I was able to catch up with Kenny just before he reported to the AFL’s newest franchise, the Albany Empire.


Hi Kenny, Thanks for taking the time to chat with me….

Are you kidding me! Heck yea, y’all been helping me out so much in my career with such a reliable holder and the best kick off tees! I’ll chat with you anytime!  


Congratulations on signing with the Albany Empire…

Thanks! It’s just good to see the AFL heading in the right direction. The new CBA for the league was finished just in time before camp started. So, all the players and myself are happy to be playing ball this season.  


It’s Albany’s inaugural season, I bet there is a lot of energy within the organization….

Energy is an understatement! This city is going WILD because they have football back!! The city of Albany has had a hole in its AFL heart for sometime now. It’s just awesome to be part of the team that brings back football to such a great city.  


First game is April 14 vs. the Philly Soul.  How have you been preparing the last few weeks to get yourself ready for the season?

Well, just like an off-season, I have been preparing down in San Diego with Husted Kicking. Which is run by the legend himself “Michael Husted”. Mike and I have been training for almost a decade now. His training techniques have been sought out by kickers at all levels in the USA, Mexico, Europe and Asia.  


San Diego has certainly become a hot bed for specialist training.  What is your favorite drill during practice?

The drill that I favor in practice is the one step kick drill. This drill allows me to feel great contact on the ball and it helps me remind myself to make sure I get down field.  


What is your go to stretch when you are on the sideline preparing to go in?  

I focus on keeping my quads and hamstrings loose before entering the field.  


What is usually going on in your mind during those moments on the sideline before you are about to attempt a FG?

Oh crap! Lol Just kidding. I usually take deep breath. Focus on the the 3 key elements that I say to myself before I actually kick.

 1. Stay Tall
 2. Swing up
 3. Keep the ball on my right hip


Sometimes though, it isn't as simple as 1-2-3 ... What was your most embarrassing moment as a kicker.  

One of the most embarrassing moments I had was in high school. The game was tied 28-28. All I had to do was make a 40 yard field goal to win it for us. I went to kick the football and did a Charlie Brown right on my ass in front of the whole school! Luckily we went to overtime so I could redeem myself. 


Yikes! I bet that was embarrasing.  Glad you redeemed yourself.  When people find out that you are a pro kicker, what do they say? 

Well, I am 6’1 205. So, it’s not the normal reaction as in like, “yea you look like a kicker.” I usually get, “A kicker??!! I was thinking maybe a linebacker.” Lol


What would you tell someone who is thinking about becoming a kicker?

It’s has its ups and downs. The ups are amazing after a game winning kick or drilling all your field goals and having great kick offs. The downs can be hard and can weigh on you. So make sure you have thick skin! 


That's great advice.  If kicking was never an option, where would you be working today?

I would be a Police Officer, definitely State Police. 


What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I have two 10 pound small Maltese dogs. 


I have two small dogs too.  They always play fight.  Who would win a fight between Spiderman and Batman?

Definitely Spiderman. Spiderman has so much more mobility and would run circles around Batman. 


What TV shows are you bingeing on?

Vikings of the History Channel. Sneaky Pete on Amazon. 


Thanks again, Kenny.  It has been great getting to know you a little better.  Best of luck and I look forward to speaking with you again.  Before we go ...Give us a rundown of some of your favorite things..

Pre-game Meal: Chicken Alfredo 
Home Cooked Meal: My Dad's pork loin 
Movie: Wolf of Wall Street 
Book: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell 
Music Genre: Hip Hop
What are you listening to now? Migos “Stir Fry”