Douglas Kicker & Snapping Shoulder Pads, Ipad Iographer & Kicker Facemask

Wizard Sports® offers some great football accessories.  Check out our large kickers ball bag, kickers camp and game day ball bags, Kickers facemask, Soft Shell Football Helmets, Wizard LegLock bag, Ipad Iographer coaches tool, Douglas kickers shoulder pads, Douglas snapper shoulder pad, scrimmage vests, football racks, passback footballs, handy ball pumps, segment timers, helmet carts and racks and shoulder pad racks.  Our T-Shirts are quality 100% cotton with your choice of Wizard Kicking or Wizard Sports. The Battle Sports Oxygen Lip Protector mouthguard is a great new product which provides great protection and increased oxygen flow.  More info below. 

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  1. THE BIG KICK-Resistance Band

    Regular Price: $42.99

    Special Price $39.99

    This resistance training device will strengthen the muscles used in the kicking motion. It will improve limb speed and strength through natural kicking motion. Learn More
  2. Douglas Legacy JD Shoulder Pad

    Regular Price: $179.99

    Special Price $159.99

    The Legacy JD Douglas shoulder pad is designed for the skill positions of Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Cornerbacks, Kickers and Punters. Many kickers/punters like that you are able to remove the inside channels allowing the pad to sit even lower. Learn More
  3. football snapping shoulder pad

    Regular Price: $479.00

    Special Price $449.00

    Wizard Sports stocks the Douglas custom football snapper shoulder pad. Douglas snapper pad is Worn by Over 85% Of Division 1-A College Players. Learn More
  4. Mr DZ Snapper Pad Back Plate

    Douglas snapper pad back plate. A great way to get some extra lower back protection. Learn More
  5. kicker punter shoulder pad

    Regular Price: $459.00

    Special Price $399.99

    Douglas custom light and flexible kicker and punter shoulder pad. The Douglas custom pro series kicker shoulder pad. Learn More
  6. Douglas CP Series Back Plates

    Regular Price: $64.99

    Special Price $59.99

    Douglas removable 4 or 6 inch back plate for cp series shoulder pads. Learn More
  7. Douglas Rib Combo For CP Series Pads 4 or 6 Inch

    This removable wrap-around rib protector delivers maximum torso protection Learn More
  8. Odor-Aid 14 Oz. Spray Bottle

    Odor-Aid 14 Oz. Spray Bottle

    Item # WZ-ODORAID

    Great for spraying on shoulder pads once a week. Learn More
  9. Velcro Weighted Vest 12 Lb

    Velcro Weighted Vest 12

    Item # WZ-VEST12

    Regular Price: $81.99

    Special Price $69.99

    Velcro Weighted Vest 12 . Overlapping Velcro enclosure ensures a snug fit for all sizes. 2" x 4" white pocket on back for identification Learn More
  10. Schutt RKOP Custom Kicker/Punter Facemask

    Wizard Sports stocks the RKOP kicking and punting facemask. A nice open facemask for kickers and punters. Learn More
  11. Fisher Football On a Stick

    Fisher Football On a Stick

    Item # WZ-STBALL

    Fisher Football On a Stick. Foam rubber football attached to a 60" white long pole. Teaches players to react to the football. Learn More
  12. Wizard Sports® Stand Up Dummy

    Regular Price: $149.00

    Special Price $129.99

    18 Lb Bag- 14" Round x 42" High. Made of 18 oz double sided vinyl coated nylon. Poly foam core will not sag with age Learn More
  13. Rocksolid Soft Shell Flag Footbal Helmets

    Kids all over the country are playing “non-contact” football--during such things as flag football, off-season padless practice, and athletic period--believing that "non-contact" means just that, ZERO contact. Learn More
  14. wizard kicking camp bag

    This custom designed bag is perfect for taking to camps. The Wizard Camp Bag is sized just right for you to carry your football holder, +3 Kicking Shoe, Kick Off Tee, Place Kick Block and 3-5 footballs. Learn More
  15. Wizard Sports Large Kickers Ball Bag

    Regular Price: $54.99

    Special Price $49.99

    Wizard Plus3 Large Kickers Ball Bag. This rugged large bag is designed to hold all your equipment. Balls, Tees. Holder etc.. A Perfect Large Bag For Kickers & Punters. Learn More
  16. The Manager 12 Football Ball Bag

    The Manager 12 Football Team Equipment Bag Holds 12 full size footballs with ball dividers and clear identification pocket on top Learn More
  17. Wilson 6 Ball Football Duffel Bag

    Wilson 6 Ball Football Duffel Bag. Fleece lined to keep balls warm and dry. Holds 6 footballs. Learn More
  18. Wilson 10 ball football bag

    Wilson 10 Ball compartment ball bag. Fleece lined to keep balls warm and dry. Holds 10 footballs. Learn More
  19. Wilson 12 Ball Wheeled Duffle Roll Bag

    Wilson 12 Ball wheeled football compartment ball bag. Fleece lined to keep balls warm and dry. Holds 12 footballs. Learn More
  20. SafeTackle Football Tackling Wheels

    Safetackle football tackling wheels come in three sizes. The unique design allows for great pricing and affordable ups shipping. Learn More
  21. Tapout Mouthguards

    Tapout Mouthguards

    Item # WZ-8000

    From the fiercest brand in sports, comes mouth protection like no other. TapouT� Mouthguard has innovated a mouth protection system so advanced it rivals the safety and performance of custom-molded mouthguards that cost hundreds of dollars, but at a fraction of the cost. Learn More
  22. Battle Sports Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguards

    Wizard Sports stocks the Battle Sports Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguards in many color options. Learn More
  23. Battle Sports Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguards

    Regular Price: $287.76

    Special Price $264.00

    Wizard Sports stocks the Battle Sports Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguards. Available In 10 Colors (One Size). Learn More
  24. TapOut Mouthguard Carrying Case

    TapOut high impact resin anti- microbial carrying case. Carries two mouthguards and two straps. Learn More
  25. Vettex Model 25 Double Guard Mouthguard With Lip Protector

    Regular Price: $79.99

    Special Price $69.99

    Vettex Model 25 Double Guard Mouthguard With Lip Protector. Model 25-Pliable thermo rubber for cushioning comfort. Protects teeth and lips, breathing holes, double impression, custom fitted, one size fits all. Learn More
  26. Youth And Adult Vettes Double Bite Mouthguards

    Regular Price: $119.00

    Special Price $99.00

    Vettex Double Bite Youth And Adult Mouthguards With Strap. Youth And Adult Mouthguards. Adjustable strap. Upper and lower positioning ridge. Learn More

    Football helmet scrimmage cap. Polyester Stretch Fabric Rubberized Grip Holds Hood To Helmet. Fits Most Youth And Adult Helmets Learn More
  28. New PassBack Official Size Football

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price $15.99

    Never before has the game of football seen anything like the Passback", the World's only football that rebounds and spirals back to the passer. Learn More
  29. Junior Passback Rubber Football

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price $12.99

    Junior Passback Rubber Football. Learn More
  30. GreatCatch (Pair)

    GreatCatch (Pair)

    Item # WZ-417CG

    GreatCatch Football Training Straps, are designed to elevate your on-field play from good to great. The unique design is the only football training aid to focus on the fingertips Learn More
  31. GreatCatch Coaches Pak of 6

    GreatCatch Coaches Learn More
  32. Wilson Ball Bag

    Wilson Ball Bag

    Item # WZ-H1816

    Multi Purpose Bag Holds: 10- Basketballs, 20- Footballs, 15- Soccer Balls, 18- Volleyballs. Large Drawstring Opening Learn More
  33. Field Coach Wrist Band

    Field Coach Wrist Band

    Item # WZ-APH

    Regular Price: $9.00

    Special Price $5.99

    Field Coach Wrist Band. On The Field Coach Wristband (BLACK). Learn More
  34. Adult Black Quarterback Triple Play Card Holder

    Regular Price: $14.00

    Special Price $9.99

    Football playcard wristbands in adult and youth sizes. Triple play card holder with Velcro close front. Learn More
  35. Cutters Triple Playmaker Black Adult Football Wrist Coach

    Cutters 197-A Black Triple Playmaker Adult Football Wrist Coach Made with C-Flex material Snug & flexible fit Three vinyl covered windows Learn More
  36. Black Mesh All Purpose Carry Bag

    Wizard sports stocks a black mesh all purpose carry bag. Great priced black mesh ball bag. Learn More

    Wizard Sports offers the Wilson football 8 oz prep conditioner. Another great prep product to keep your footballs in great condition. Learn More
  38. Wilson Football Brush

    Wilson Football Brush

    Item # WZ-F9907

    Wilson Ball Brush. Used to bring back that tackiness to all leather balls. Removes dirt Learn More
  39. wilson prep kit for balls

    Wilson Game Ball Prep Kit

    Item # WZ-F9927

    Ensures maximum tack for added grip on a all leather game balls. Wilson game ball prep kit- WTF992700. Conditions leather to extend use of game balls. Learn More
  40. Wilson Tack Spray

    Wilson Tack Spray

    Item # WZ-F992802

    Wizard Sports stocks the Wilson Tack Spray. Bring the tack back to any leather or composite ball. Learn More
  41. Cleat Cleaner

    Cleat Cleaner

    Item # CC-1

    Wizard Sports stocks a handy football Cleat Cleaner. Learn More
  42. Trusox performance socks

    Wizard Sports stocks the Trusox in many color options. Trusox socks are perfect for all sports. TRUSOX lock your foot in your shoe, for top athletic performance! Leave your competition behind by changing directions faster. Learn More
  43. Trusox Performance Sports Socks

    Did you know that you are losing explosiveness and time when you change directions in your sport? Think about it. If you run on a tile, hardwood, or linoleum floor, and try to cut and change direction in a regular sock, you will slide multiple inches, if not feet. You CANNOT explode in the new direction. Learn More
  44. EMVP Kicking Velocity Program & SureFit Leg Weights

    EMVP Kicking Velocity Program & SureFit Leg Weights. Nick Novak, NFL Kicker, San Diego Chargers - “EMVP’s leg weights have proven to be a very useful training tool that I will continue to use.” Learn More
  45. Surefit Leg Weights And Two Sleeves

    SureFit Leg Weights. With a typical loose fitting ankle weight your muscles are completely out of balance as the weight shifts and slides during movement. This can cause strain and injury to the unbalanced and overworked muscles, and will likely impede proper technique. With the Surefit Leg Weights you get a proper fit. Learn More
  46. metasox performance socks

    Wizard Sports stocks the MetaSox Performance Socks. The metatarsal are 5 long bones found between tarsal and phalange bones. Their principle functions are propulsion and support. Due to their thin structure and limited protection between the bone and the surface, they are highly susceptible to injury. Learn More
  47. Football Padded Shirt

    Provides the ultimate combination of protection and flexibility . Grip-Tech dots give shoulder pads traction and prevent slippage Learn More
  48. Football Girdle Man Up 7 Pad


    Item # WZ-FPGU7

    Integrated pads provide traditional protection in an easy care girdle. Low profile, Tri-Flex, ventilated hip pads rise above the waist. Contoured ventilated thigh pad with hard shock plates. Poly/Spandex with DriGear moisture management treatment. Meets NFHS standards Learn More
  49. 5 pad football girdle


    Item # WZ-FPGU6A

    Integrated pads provide traditional protection in an easy care girdle. Machine washable and dryable. Low profile, Tri-Flex, ventilated hip pads rise above the waist Learn More
  50. Uni_Fit Football Girdle


    Item # WZ-FPGU5

    S (26-28) M (30-32) L (34-36) XL (38-40) 2X (42-44) Hassle-free factory installed pads provide traditional protection. Permanently sewn pads stay in place and don't shift around. Learn More
  51. Ultrak Clipboard With Built In StopWatch & Calculator

    Ultrak Clipboard With Built In StopWatch & Calculator. Cumulative split stopwatch with 1/100 second resolution. Learn More
  52. Accusplit Stopwatch Model # AA740MXT Ambassador

    Perfect kicking,punting & snapping stopwatch. Learn More
  53. stopwatch

    Simple and easy to use, this classic looking stop watch makes keeping time easy and provides all the necessary functions for any type of time keeping. Perfect for Snap to Kick times. Learn More
  54. football poly vest

    Regular Price: $79.00

    Special Price $69.00

    As low as: $65.00

    Poly Mesh with Elastic Bottom Learn More


    Item # WZ-SV100

    Heavy duty vinyl- will not rip or tear Made of colored vinyl nylon coated mesh Elastic velcro straps allow player to quickly put on. Learn More

    Tough nylon mesh scrimmage vests Large opening for easy on/off over the helmet The open sided vest doesn t restrict movement The 1 ½ inch elastic/Velcro strap closure is adjustable Learn More
  57. Black Hand Warmer

    Black Hand Warmer

    Item # WZ-HWMB

    Soft fleece black hand warmer Learn More
  58. football pump for kickers and punters wizard sports

    Wizard Sports stocks the Torrx Ball Pump With Automatic Pressure Gauge. The Torrx ball pump is a perfect pump for kickers and punters. The built in gauge allows for you to automatically set the Torrx pump at your desired ball pressure. No more guessing. Learn More
  59. Deluxe Ultra Quiet Electric Ball Pump With Gauge

    Get pumped! The new Pump delivers a burst of air to pump up your sports balls, bike tires or even to air up a flat motorcycle tire! A built in air pressure gauge with easy readout allows you to inflate with accuracy. Ultra quiet air compressor with CSA approval. 110 volts, 1/8 HP. Oil-less with guage and needle. Learn More
  60. Electric Ball Pump With Guage

    Wizard Sports stocks an Electric Ball Pump With Guage. This electric ball pump includes 1/4 HP whisper compressor, delivers up to 50 PSI, 8' three prong cord, with a 20 volt cord. Includes gauge, hose, and needle. Learn More

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