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Field Equipment

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Football field equipment offered at Wizard Sports Equipment include a great assortment of the best football chain sets, dial a down Indicators, football field timers, qb-tee, quarterback passing nets, d-man defender, running ropes, football step over dummies, Jugs football passing machine, offensive line strip, field stencils and much more.  Scroll down and check out our excellent prices and quality football field equipment.  If more info is needed or you cannot find an item please call us Toll Free at 888-964-5425 or Email us at  Order Secure Online For Immediate Delivery. 

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  1. Bownet Five Pocket Quarterback Training Net

    Wizard Sports stocks the Bownet Five Pocket Quarterback Passing Net. Portable Bownet 5 Pocket Quarterback Passing Net With Case. Learn More
  2. Quarterback Passing Target training net

    Regular Price: $599.99

    Special Price $549.99

    Quarterback Movable Pass Trainer. Use the Pass Training Net as a defender for high release practice, QB passing reps, high trajectory drop in passes, fades and long ball. Learn More
  3. Wizard Quarterback Passing Target Net and Frame

    Wizard Sports Quarterback Target Net & Frame. Complete Standard Kicking Net Frame and one Wizard Quarterback Target. Learn More
  4. Wizard Snapping And Quarterback Passing Target and Frame

    Wizard Sports Snapper and Quarterback Target Net, Carry Case & Frame. Complete Standard Kicking Net Frame, carry case and one Wizard Quarterback Target/Snapper Target. Learn More
  5. Quarterback Passing Net

    Regular Price: $359.99

    Special Price $329.99

    Quarterback Passing Net. Designed to teach your QB the mechanics of setting up, throwing & follow through. 12' high x 18'6" wide Learn More
  6. Wizard "Solo-Snap" Football Snapping Target Package

    The Wizard Solo-Snap snapping target is the perfect tool for snappers at any level. Muscle memory is a critical component to snapping and the Wizard Solo-Snap net provides instant feedback on the accuracy of your snaps. Wizard Sports highly recommends the target for all snappers. Learn More
  7. Football referee Yardage marker


    Item # WZ-AF51

    Orange nylon Black plastic slider marks the yardage from 0-50 in five yard increments. End metal clip to fasten to chain. 14" long. Learn More
  8. Fisher football Electronic Down Marker

    Regular Price: $995.00

    Special Price $839.99

    Wizard Sports offers the new Fisher electronic down marker. The Fisher football electronic down marker has 13 inch tall bold numbers and has an available carry case. Learn More
  9. Football Dial-A-Down Indicator

    Regular Price: $399.99

    Special Price $349.99

    New Football Dial-A-Down Indicator. The new football dial a down indicator has a 7'6" down indicator with pole and slide action lever. Learn More
  10. Pro Style Down Box With Pro 8' Horizontal Printed Chain Set

    Regular Price: $529.00

    Special Price $459.99

    Wizard Sports offers the Pro Style Down Box With Pro 8' Horizontal Printed Chain Set. Learn More
  11. 8 inch step over dummy

    Regular Price: $119.99

    Special Price $99.99

    As low as: $89.99

    17" W x 50" L x 8" H Double-reinforced 18oz vinyl shell. Durable foam interior. Handles on ends and bottom. Color: Black Learn More
  12. 12 inch step over dummy

    Regular Price: $159.99

    Special Price $129.99

    As low as: $119.99

    17" W x 50" L x 12" H Double-reinforced 18oz vinyl shell. Durable foam interior. Handles on ends and bottom. Color: Black Learn More
  13. SafeTackle Football Tackling Wheels

    Safetackle football tackling wheels come in three sizes. The unique design allows for great pricing and affordable ups shipping. Learn More
  14. adjustable split marker

    The lineman split is made of heavy duty vinyl. Learn More
  15. snapper stick

    Snapper Stick. Foam rubber football attached to a telescoping aluminum pole that extends from 30 to 60 inches Teaches players to react to the football. Learn More
  16. Football High Step Running Ropes

    Regular Price: $259.99

    Special Price $229.99

    Wizard Sports offers a quality high step agility running ropes for all athletes. The football running ropes are perfect for high step foot work drills. Learn More
  17. folding chute board


    Item # WZ-9673

    Wizard Sports offers the Folding Chute Board with handles. - Folds In Half. Learn More
  18. Lineman Chute

    Use the Varsity Lineman Chute to teach players to fire out low and strike on the rise. Learn More
  19. Collegiate Lineman Chute


    Item # WZ-1272987

    Regular Price: $279.99

    Special Price $239.00

    The Collegiate Lineman Chute teaches players to keep a low, balanced stance while exploding off the line. Add-A-Chute for $179 each Learn More
  20. Jugs Football Passing Machine

    Regular Price: $2,999.99

    Special Price $2,795.00

    Wizard Sports offers the Jugs Football Passing Machine which includes a 5 Year Guarantee. Throws up to 600 kicks of passes in an hour. Learn More
  21. Jugs Field General Football Passing & Snapping Machine

    Throw over 600 passes or punts in less than an hour. Receivers and running backs need consistent practice catching the football. With the FIELD GENERAL, these players see a weeks worth of passes in a 15 minute drill session. Simply put, more passes caught in practice means more receptions in games. Learn More
  22. Fisher Impact Ball

    Wizard Sports offers the The Fisher Impact Ball in 31" or 36" inch diameter. Learn More
  23. Quarterback Snap Machine

    Snaps the football just like a human center. Used by a large number of top College programs. Snap is activated by lifting up on the pad. A great time saver Learn More
  24. D-Man Portable Hands Up Defender

    Ideal for solo practice or team setting football, basketball or any other hands-up defense sport Adjustable height of 5 ½ to 6 ½ feet, plus additional 1 ½ feet of arms/hands Learn More
  25. Football Practice Segment Timer

    Regular Price: $1,499.99

    Special Price $1,099.99

    Segment Timer Comes complete with fence attachment and water cover. Remembers last entry so no need to reprogram each practice. Counts up to 99 minutes 99 seconds. Great for Track, Swimming, Basketball or off-season training. All steel case with built-in handle and pouch for remote 33in x 18in x 4.5in 26 lbs Learn More
  26. Football Segment Timer

    Count down from 9:59 or 99:59. Built-in loud horn. Includes controller with 10' control cable and 25' control cable extension Learn More
  27. Field Goal Post Nets

    Field Goal Post Nets

    Item # WZ-FGN

    Football goal post nets are made to be hung behind the goal post to catch the footballs when kicked. The goal post nets are made of #21 200 Lb. test nylon netting 3" square. Learn More
  28. Goal Post Flags-Wind Directional Banners

    Wind Directional Flags- ( Set of 4) 4" X 42" LONG Learn More
  29. equipment wagon

    Regular Price: $309.99

    Special Price $199.99

    Loading and unloading gear is easy with the wagon's folding front, rear and side panels, which also make it possible to carry bulky items. Heavy equipment is no problem either, as the cart's all-steel construction can handle large loads to equip entire teams with gear.. It's easy to roll equipment back and forth from the field to the storage room on the four pneumatic tires, which can traverse a range of indoor and outdoor surfaces. Learn More
  30. Sideline Vests- Chainsmen Boxmen Vest Set of 3

    Sideline Vests- Chainsmen Boxmen Vest Set of 3. Extra large sized hip-length 2 striped and 1 diamond slip-over vests with black neck trim. Learn More
  31. Football Ball Handlers Vest

    This ball handler's vest features a black mesh construction with two pockets that hold one football each. The elastic waist strap allows this vest to fit everyone. Holds 2 balls. Learn More
  32. Cleat Cleaner

    Cleat Cleaner

    Item # CC-1

    Wizard Sports stocks a handy football Cleat Cleaner. Learn More
  33. Blanket Sideline Tarps

    Blanket Sideline Tarps


  34. sideline tarp 12 ft wide





    75FT - $539   100FT -  $719   125FT - $899   150FT - $1069

    Learn More
  35. Armor Mesh Sideline Tarp 15ft Wide

  36. Special Teams Tarp

    Special Teams Tarp

    Item # WZ-STT

    Hold your players accountable. Color: Black with white place holders. Learn More
  37. Black Hand Warmer

    Black Hand Warmer

    Item # WZ-HWMB

    Soft fleece black hand warmer Learn More
  38. Field Coach Wrist Band

    Field Coach Wrist Band

    Item # WZ-APH

    Regular Price: $9.00

    Special Price $5.99

    Field Coach Wrist Band. On The Field Coach Wristband (BLACK). Learn More
  39. Adult Black Quarterback Triple Play Card Holder

    Regular Price: $14.00

    Special Price $9.99

    Football playcard wristbands in adult and youth sizes. Triple play card holder with Velcro close front. Learn More
  40. Ameri-Stripe White Field Marking Paint 3 Case Pack (36 cans)

    Highest opacity/whiteness compared to other brands Learn More
  41. Football Field Stencils

    Football Field Stencils

    Item # WZ-02330

    Stencils are easy to clean up. 6' x 42" Wide. When your paint dries, it simply flakes off. Learn More
  42. Hash Mark Stencil

    Hash Mark Stencil

    Item # WZ-02332

    Premium 1/8" Football Hash Mark Stencil (4- 4" x 18" Cutouts) Learn More
  43. Pink Ribbon Refill Paint Kit


    Item # WZ-PKREFIL

    Case of Field Paint for use with Breast Cancer Awareness field stencil. Learn More


    Item # VCP16-CUSTOM

    Windscreen is ideal for anywhere you need a visual barrier. Learn More
  45. Wilson 6 Ball Football Duffel Bag

    Wilson 6 Ball Football Duffel Bag. Fleece lined to keep balls warm and dry. Holds 6 footballs. Learn More
  46. Wilson 10 ball football bag

    Wilson 10 Ball compartment ball bag. Fleece lined to keep balls warm and dry. Holds 10 footballs. Learn More
  47. Wilson 12 Ball Wheeled Duffle Roll Bag

    Wilson 12 Ball wheeled football compartment ball bag. Fleece lined to keep balls warm and dry. Holds 12 footballs. Learn More
  48. QB-TEE

    New QB-TEE

    Item # WZ-QBT

    Regular Price: $119.99

    Special Price $99.99

    New Quarterback QB-TEE. Two position cradle for ball placement. Automatic release to activate the timing mechanism. Learn More

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