Quarterback Snap Machine

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Quarterback Snap Machine
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Please Email info@wizardsports.com Or Call 888-964-5425 For an Exact Quote With Shipping Cost To Your Area.


Quarterback Snap Machine

Please Email info@wizardsports.com Or Call 888-964-5425 For an Exact Quote With Shipping Cost To Your Area.


  • Snaps the football just like a human center.
  • Used by a large number of top College programs.
  • Snap is activated by lifting up on the pad.
  • A great time saver
  • Centers spend more time working with the line.
  • Saves practice time.
  • Helps reduce fumbled snap exchanges.
  • Sharpens passing and timing drills.
  • Great offseason QB partner.
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 75 Lbs & Ships Motor Freight-  Allow 2 weeks for delivery

To snap the football the QB bumps the butt pad. The butt pad offers resistance.
The QB rides the butt pad, causing the ball to snap. When the ball snaps, the QB must grab the football and take control of it. The football snaps quickly. To reset the machine, the QB places the ball back into the ball holder and pushes the arm back, locking it in place for the next snap. This process takes about 2-3 seconds.

SNAPS THE FOOTBALL: The Center Machine imitates the center quarterback exchange. It snaps a football in a realistic fashion. Since timing is critical to the success of many plays, having the ball snapped with game-like timing can be beneficial.
TIMING ROUTES: With the Center Machine you can practice timing routes that will defeat defenses. Receivers can't rely on the QB's cadence, they must depend on ball movement. Use the machine during off-season QB and WR workouts, summer camps, passing leagues, and during the season with routes, 1 on 1, and 7 on 7. Use also with option-oriented offenses.
GAIN REPS: Allows your centers to continue working on their specific skills and allows your 2nd and 3rd string QBs to gain repetitions. Designed for right-handed or left-handed QBs.
NO METAL PRONGS: The football is held from its tips (end to end); thus there's nothing to catch your QB's hands on. The football snaps on a realistic angle. Compare these features with other machines.
ADJUSTABLE: Adjustable throw length. Adjustable ball angle. Transportable. Wheels are standard.

Allan Trimble
Head Coach
Jenks High School
(10 State Championships)

"The Center Machine provides us with hundreds of game-like snaps for enhancing our skill drills. This allows our centers to continue to improve their skills with the linemen."

That's right, fully assembled. Built tough and durable. Professionally engineered for your football field. Give your QBs a tool to defeat defensive backs.


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