Wizard "Solo-Snap" Football Snapping Target Package-Target-Frame-Carry Case

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Wizard "Solo-Snap" Football Snapping Target Package-Target-Frame-Carry Case
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Wizard "Solo-Snap" Football Snapping Target Package

Endorsed By Chris Rubio-www.rubiolongsnapping.com
3 Year UCLA Snapper.

Designed & Distributed By Wizard Sports Equipment, Inc.

 rubio snapping target net
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wizard snapping target
Included Kicking Net Does Not Have To Be Used- As Shown Below

Includes: WZ-Kick2 Kicking Net, Carry Case, Frame & New Wizard Solo-Snap Target


The Wizard Solo-Snap snapping target is the perfect tool for snappers at any level. Muscle memory is a critical component to snapping, and the Wizard Solo-Snap net provides instant feedback on the accuracy of your snaps. I highly recommend the target for all snappers.
Morgan Cox
Baltimore Ravens Long Snapper
Super Bowl XLVII Champion


Thanks for another great idea.  Barbara bought the target and Brandon used it today for the first time at home.  It was terrific.  He got a few in and many close, but no points.  It forced him to focus as never before.  I am sure over time it will help him to improve his consistency and his comfort level on the target.   We are both anxious to try again soon.

Design Features & Important Points:

  • The only 3 pocket durable football snapping target for Field Goal Snaps, Punt Snaps & Shot Gun Snaps.
  • Three Colored Pocket Targets For Precise Snapping Practice.
  • Each colored target has a black netted pocket to hold balls
  • White-Field Goal Target- 12" X 12" Approx. 23" From Ground To Center, Red- Punters & Middle Shot Gun Target- 11" X 20" Approx. 41" From Ground To Center & Yellow- High HS Punter & High Shot Gun Target-12" x 17" Approx. 60" From Ground to Center.
  • Precision Snapping Practice For Field Goals, Punts & Shot Gun.
  • Easy & Quick Bungee Set-Up With Heavy all vinyl design.
  • Frame 82" x 46"   30 Lbs
  • The Wizard "Solo-Snap" Snapping Target will greatly improve your accuracy.
  • Used at all Rubio Long Snapping Competitions & Camps
  • Imagine being able to snap at any time.
  • Compete against yourself or others.
  • Do Not Use In High Winds Unless Extra Base Weight Is Used.
  • Never again have to worry about finding someone to snap to.
  • The highest quality snapping target made.

Price Includes: Complete Standard Kicking Net, Frame & Carrying Case(24" x 72"), One Wizard Solo-Snap Target Net, Quick Snap Bungees, The Chris Rubio Speed & Accuracy Chart & Chris Rubio's Helpful Tips From Warm-Up to Stance & Follow Through.  Kicking Nets and Targets shipping to Canada may have additional shipping charges.  Comes in 2 Boxes- Kicking Net Box And Target Box

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Great product....definitely recommend it!!
We recently bought this long snapping net after attending the Rubio Long Snapping Camp. It has really helped me work on my accuracy and it is very durable. Right now I am using it in our basement which has allowed me to get in a lot more practice time since it's too cold and snowy right now to practice outside. It is a great product!
Review by JakeZ

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