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Flag Football Belts, Flag A Tag Sonic Belts, Triple Threat Flags, RockSolid Soft Shell Helmets, Football Chain Sets, Down Markers, Pylons and Field Equipment in a variety of styles, colors and sizes are all offered at Wizard Sports.  We carry a complete line of Flag Football Belts like the Triple Threat Flag Football Belts, Two Belt velcro belts and also the Flag-A-Tag two belt sonic system.  We include some great prices on quality field equipment for flag football.  Check out our low down prices on football chain sets, wilson composite youth footballs, field markers, pylons, and athletic field stripers.

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  1. One Dozen Flag Football Sonic Belts

    One Dozen Sonic Belts

    Item # FF-1

    Flag-A-Tag sonic socket release system. Learn More
  2. Flag Football Belts-Dozen Triple Threat Flag Belts

    Flag Football Belts-Dozen Triple Threat Flag Belts. Learn More
  3. Flag Football- 2 Flag Velcro Design- One Dozen

    Each belt includes two flags Learn More
  4. Rocksolid Soft Shell Flag Footbal Helmets

    Kids all over the country are playing “non-contact” football--during such things as flag football, off-season padless practice, and athletic period--believing that "non-contact" means just that, ZERO contact. Learn More
  5. Nike Vapor One Leather Youth Football

    Wizard Sports stocks the Nike Vapor One Leather youth football. The Nike Vapor One 2.0 with its stitched stripes and great shape is the perfect ball for youth kids 12-14 years old. Learn More
  6. Wilson Composite tds nfhs High School Football

    The Wilson TDS Composite Football is the official high school size composite ball. Learn More
  7. Spalding J5V Advance Composite Football

    Spalding J5V Advance Composite Football. Tack soft composite cover with foam backing for superior grip and feel. Learn More
  8. Wilson Youth TDY Traditional Leather Football

    Wilson Youth TDY Traditional Leather Footballs. Used as the game ball for youth and junior high school leagues. Learn More

    Regular Price: $32.99

    Special Price $27.99

    As low as: $24.99

    Wizard Sports stocks the Wilson composite youth TDY football. The Wilson TDY composite football has excellent grip and is the perfect size for 11-14 year old. Learn More
  10. Wilson TDJ Junior Composite Football

    Wilson TDJ Junior Composite Football. Junior size for 9-12 year olds. ACL Lacing For Better Grip. Learn More
  11. Wilson GST Junior TDJ Leather Football

    Wilson GST Youth TDJ Leather Football. Exclusive Wilson Pattern. Wilson 899 WE Leather with tanned-in tack. Learn More
  12. Wilson K2 Composite Pee Wee Football

    Wilson K2 Composite Pee Wee Football with Ultimate grip. Pee Wee size for ages 10 and under. Learn More
  13. QB-TEE

    New QB-TEE

    Item # WZ-QBT

    Regular Price: $119.99

    Special Price $99.99

    Out of stock

    New Quarterback QB-TEE. Two position cradle for ball placement. Automatic release to activate the timing mechanism. Learn More
  14. 11 Piece Sideline Markers

    Perfect for youth leagues. Foam Filled, Yellow Nylon Covering. 12" Black Numbers/Letters. Set of 11 includes 2-G, 2-10, 2-20, 2-30, 2-40, and 1-50 Learn More
  15. Sideline Markers - 5 Piece Flag Football Set

    Flag Football Sideline Markers. 5 Piece Set For Flag Football 2/G, 2/20, 1/40. Learn More
  16. ideline Markers- 11 Orange Solid Foam Sideline Markers

    Solid Foam Weighted Orange Sideline Markers. (11 Piece Set) Learn More
  17. Football Field Weighted End Line Pylons

    Regular Price: $44.99

    Special Price $39.99

    Wizard Sports stocks orange football field weighted end line pylons. Free standing with a 2 1/2 pound weighted base. Sold in Sets of 4. Learn More
  18. Flip Down Indicator- Dial-A-Down

    Regular Price: $139.00

    Special Price $119.99

    As low as: $109.99

    Wizard Sports stocks the Flip Down Dial-A-Down Indicator. Padded 7'4" flip down indicator with easy flip 2 color numbers on grommet rings. Learn More
  19. Triple Threat Down Box & Scoreboard

    Regular Price: $130.00

    Special Price $119.99

    Wizard Sports offers the Triple Threat Down Box & Scoreboard. The Triple Threat down box is perfect for grade schools with a limited budget and want to handle both the score and football downs with just one person. Learn More
  20. Fisher Pro Flip Down Indicator

    Fisher Pro Flip Down Indicator. 1” galvanized steel poles 7' height. Durable closed cell foam coating. Learn More
  21.  Deluxe Down Box & Chain Set

    Deluxe Down Box & Chain Set. Flourescent orange 10 yard chain with adjustable stainless steel clips Learn More
  22. Gold Football Referee Flag

    Gold Referee Penalty Flag

    Item # WZ-202C

    Gold Nylon With A Weighted Center Learn More
  23. disc cones


    Item # WZ-A134

    Standard 2 inch high, 7.5 inch diameter cones

    Learn More
  24. 9 Inch Rubber Poly Spot Markers (6 Pak)

    9 Inch Rubber Poly Spot Markers Learn More
  25. Black Mesh All Purpose Carry Bag

    Wizard sports stocks a black mesh all purpose carry bag. Great priced black mesh ball bag. Learn More
  26. Champro Dual Action Hand Pump With Built In Pressure Gauge

    Wizard Sports stocks the Champro Dual Action Hand Pump With Built In Pressure Gauge. Durable Aluminum Construction. Learn More
  27. Dual Action Hand Pump

    Champion Dual Action Pump

    Item # WZ-DAP1

    Champion Dual Action Pump. Inflates when you push or pull. Learn More
  28. Youth And Adult Vettes Double Bite Mouthguards

    Regular Price: $119.00

    Special Price $99.00

    Vettex Double Bite Youth And Adult Mouthguards With Strap. Youth And Adult Mouthguards. Adjustable strap. Upper and lower positioning ridge. Learn More
  29. Field Coach Wrist Band

    Field Coach Wrist Band

    Item # WZ-APH

    Regular Price: $9.00

    Special Price $5.99

    Field Coach Wrist Band. On The Field Coach Wristband (BLACK). Learn More
  30. Adult Black Quarterback Triple Play Card Holder

    Regular Price: $14.00

    Special Price $9.99

    Football playcard wristbands in adult and youth sizes. Triple play card holder with Velcro close front. Learn More
  31. Trusox performance socks

    Wizard Sports stocks the Trusox in many color options. Trusox socks are perfect for all sports. TRUSOX lock your foot in your shoe, for top athletic performance! Leave your competition behind by changing directions faster. Learn More
  32. Ultrak Clipboard With Built In StopWatch & Calculator

    Ultrak Clipboard With Built In StopWatch & Calculator. Cumulative split stopwatch with 1/100 second resolution. Learn More
  33. Accusplit Stopwatch Model # AA740MXT Ambassador

    Regular Price: $36.00

    Special Price $32.99

    As low as: $29.99

    Perfect kicking,punting & snapping stopwatch. Learn More
  34. stopwatch

    Simple and easy to use, this classic looking stop watch makes keeping time easy and provides all the necessary functions for any type of time keeping. Perfect for Snap to Kick times. Learn More
  35. Red Mesh Bag

    Heavy duty carry strap and ID tag Learn More
  36. Deluxe Flip A Score

    Deluxe Flip A Score

    Item # WZ-FAS10

    Durable Frame Learn More

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