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Basketball "I like wearing my Power Balance bracelet because when I'm out there on the court, I feel like I'm on balance, have more energy, and it gives me a better edge on the people I'm playing against. I feel like I'm going to go out there every night and have a good game." - BRANDON JENNINGS Football "Each offseason I want to feel like I did more than the offseason before. I felt as good this offseason, with my training regiment and everything that I was doing, than I ever have and I believe that Power Balance has something to do with that!" - DREW BREES Mike, "Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how great the Power Balance Bands are working for our players. We have seen a marked increase in athleticism, balance and strength. It is especially useful for the skills positions where staying on your feet is crucially important to performance. I don't know how it works but it makes a difference from the moment they put it on. It is nothing short of amazing." David Strength & Conditioning Coach Santa Monica High School Football Team "The added balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance Power/Balance gives me is incredible. But, more than anything, because of these benefits, Power/Balance gives me the extra bit of confidence I need to know that as long as I am wearing the technology, I will be performing at my very best." -Jordan Palmer, NFL Quarterback, Cincinnati Bengals. Football Kicking After playing football for four years now, I have seen many ways to improve speed, flexibility, strength, balance, and stamina. Until now, I have never seen or felt anything this great. Being a placekicker for football, I need three very important things: flexibility, strength, and balance. This wristband gave me all of those features and even set me up to win first place at a national kicking camp. While in Las Vegas, Nevada for a national Chris Sailer Kicking competition I purchased the wristband from Wizard Kicking. The competition consists of punting, placekicking, and kickoffs. In the field goal portion, I got in the top 26 out of 109, but in the kickoff portion, I tied for first. Before wearing this wristband, when running to the football for kickoffs, I have never been able to create as much speed or power to the ball. After kicking the ball 71 yards into the end zone from the 30-yard line (where college kickoffs take place), I looked down at my wrist and shook my head in amazement. This wristband really does the job and it does what is says! I still wear the silicone wristband to this day and it still does its job. I am now getting noticed and looked at by all types of colleges for scholarship opportunities. Thanks to the Neoprene & Silicone Power Balance Wristbands, I am now performing very well in placekicking and hope to take this wristband on my great journey through kicking. Brady Stuart, Kicker-West Ranch High School 2011 Hockey "Power Balance is a remarkable product. Not only does it help me and my team with our balance and endurance on the ice, it also helps my mom live and feel better in her daily routine. PowerBalance is a no brainer and I love the technology. "The guys on my team love PowerBalance, thank you so much" -Teemu Selanne Anaheim Ducks "My sport is all about speed, power and balance. We have some of the greatest athletes in the world who apply their skills on a sheet of ice while balanced on a pair of blades. Constantly being hit, spun around and trying to get an edge on a opponent requires maximum concentration and body control. Since trying Power Balance I have been blown away by how great I feel on the ice. The best way I can describe the difference is that I feel more grounded and in control of what my body is doing. I have shared the product with my team and it is now in most guy's skates and shoulder pads. Trying to explain what a hologram is to my teammates didn't exactly sell them but the balance and flexibility tests with and without the product was an instant hit. We could not believe the immediate difference it made in our results. I am always looking for an edge in performance and I believe that we have found one in Power Balance. Thanks guys." -Andrew Ference, Alternate Captain, Boston Bruins. Baseball "I've been wearing Power Balance since the start of the 2010 season. I like the feel and it has become a part of my game day uniform. - MATT KEMP "This product gets me tremendous results, it really makes a difference. As a starting pitcher balance is essential in repeating your delivery, instead of falling off towards the plate I am able to maintain much better balance throughout my leg kick. Also, you need core strength and endurance for everything and in going through my routines there is no doubt I feel better with the product on than when I don t have it. I have no doubt PB in going to get me to the next level." -SCOTT KAZMIR Volleyball "Pro Sports is all about getting that competitive edge and PowerBalance gives me that. Out on the beach the games are usually decided by the smallest of margins, so I wear a PowerBalance bracelet to make sure I come out on top." -Todd Rogers, Beach Volleyball "My name is Ryan Mariano, I have been playing professional volleyball for 12 years - 6 years indoor in Europe and I just finished my 6th season on the AVP pro beach volleyball tour. As a professional athlete I am always looking for an edge over my competition. When PowerBalance was presented to me I was excited to try the latest technology and even more excited by the results it produced. I noticed an instant difference in my strength, reaction time and recovery. The PowerBalance technology has produced the fastest results of any products I have tried. This past season is the first season I haven t come out feeling like I was hit by a ton of bricks, I believe that is a direct result of PowerBalance aiding my core stability and balance. " -Ryan Mariano, Beach Volleyball "With the sun, wind, sand and the best teams in the world, I need Power Balance to take me to the next level. I was having a great year placing in the top ten each tournament, but it was not until I started wearing a Power Balance wristband that I won my first AVP Championship. It has absolutely given me an advantage in those moments where a clear head and 100% focus is essential to becoming a Champion!! -Casey Patterson, Beach Volleyball Golf Hitting the golf ball a long way requires maximum club head speed and in order to generate that I need the most core strength and flexibility I can have. Power Balance helps me to get the most out of my body and I don t take a swing without it. -SCOTT SMITH Surfing "I am so stoked with Power/Balance that I have created my pro-model traction with Power/Balance technology built in&I would suggest this product for anyone who is looking to step up their game." -Josh Buran, professional surfer Running "Every year I run a 10-mile race. Usually my pace per mile goes up 3-5 seconds each year. But this year, while wearing Power Balance, I ran each mile at an average of 7:25, which is 9 seconds faster per mile than I ran last year." -Mike Bublitz, Fire Chief Special Interest January 11, 2011-Maloof Sports & Entertainment (MS&E) and Power Balance announced a multi-year partnership to include naming rights for the Sacramento Kings arena, local retail incentives and cross-platform integration across the Maloof family's diverse portfolio. Power Balance Pavilion will host nearly 200 events annually, with media coverage including national and international media. "We are thrilled to be partners with Power Balance, said Kings owners Joe and Gavin Maloof. "This is a great collaboration for the entire Kings franchise and we are particularly excited in this economy to be able to sign a multi-year agreement with a company on Power Balance s trajectory." Power Balance, the hottest new brand in the sports performance market, will support MS&E, the Kings, and the NBA in their initiatives to improve health and wellness for kids and families by encouraging physical activity and healthy living. CNBC recently selected Power Balance as the Sports Product of the Year for 2010. Maloof Sports and Power Balance Form Partnership "I was introduced to Power Balance by a friend of mine who is a pro beach volleyball player. I was amazed at how the tests worked, and interested to hear that so many of the players were using the bands, but I had no idea that it would work for me and what I do. As a member of the military for many years, including Special Operations in addition to being a competitive athlete, I am always looking for a way to gain any kind of competitive or tactical advantage. I have never experienced anything like Power Balance. The proof is undeniable. From running, strength and flexibility training, CrossFit, and even tactical maneuvering HAVE BEEN AND ARE IMPROVED. I have always been skeptical of anything besides hard work providing such an advantage, but I have found my times decreasing, strength and flexibility increasing, and an improvement with every facet of athletics. I have since introduced Power Balance to many of the guys I work, train and compete with, and all have been impressed with the results" US NAVY/US MARINE CORPS SPECIAL OPERATOR-Justin Nauling BACK!

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