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Hurdles, Ladders, Weighted Vest, Monster Sled & Resistance Bands

Wizard Sports® stocks a complete line of quality agility training products and speed equipment.  Our speed and agility products include some of the best leg speed equipment, weighted vests, monster sled, agility cones, resistance bands, Kickers LegLock bag, The Mass Suit, agility hurdle sets, training sleds, agility ladders and much more.  Make sure you scroll down and check out our sport specific special packages for basketball agility, football speed drills, baseball motion and speed drills.

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  1. THE BIG KICK-Resistance Band

    Regular Price: $42.99

    Special Price $39.99

    This resistance training device will strengthen the muscles used in the kicking motion. It will improve limb speed and strength through natural kicking motion. Learn More
  2. Velcro Weighted Vest 12 Lb

    Velcro Weighted Vest 12

    Item # WZ-VEST12

    Velcro Weighted Vest 12 . Overlapping Velcro enclosure ensures a snug fit for all sizes. 2" x 4" white pocket on back for identification Learn More
  3. Wizard Sports® Stand Up Dummy

    Regular Price: $149.00

    Special Price $129.99

    18 Lb Bag- 14" Round x 42" High. Made of 18 oz double sided vinyl coated nylon. Poly foam core will not sag with age Learn More
  4. Half Round Agility Bag


    Learn More
  5. Adjustable Hurdle Cone Set

    Adjustable Hurdle Cone Set

    Item # WZ-1248562

    Height adjustable cones and ladders for multiple configurations and training obstacles. Go from as high as 33" for a rigorous plyometric session down to a low of 4" for a high-speed foot work and agility program. Learn More
  6. Speed And Agility Hurdle

    Lightweight, durable PVC plastic. Great training tool for jumping, speed, and coordination drills. 6 inch hurdles. Sold in sets of 4 Learn More
  7. Agility Ladder

    Agility Ladder

    Item # WZ-1248548

    Ideal for developing quick & accurate foot speed, increased balance and coordination. Each ladder is 15' long X 20" wide with ten sections. Learn More
  8. Fisher Impact Ball

    Wizard Sports offers the The Fisher Impact Ball in 31" or 36" inch diameter. Learn More
  9. Wizard Quarterback Passing Target Net and Frame

    Wizard Sports Quarterback Target Net & Frame. Complete Standard Kicking Net Frame and one Wizard Quarterback Target. Learn More
  10. Wizard Snapping And Quarterback Passing Target and Frame

    Wizard Sports Snapper and Quarterback Target Net, Carry Case & Frame. Complete Standard Kicking Net Frame, carry case and one Wizard Quarterback Target/Snapper Target. Learn More
  11. Football High Step Running Ropes

    Regular Price: $259.99

    Special Price $229.99

    Wizard Sports offers a quality high step agility running ropes for all athletes. The football running ropes are perfect for high step foot work drills. Learn More
  12. Fisher Football On a Stick

    Fisher Football On a Stick

    Item # WZ-STBALL

    Fisher Football On a Stick. Foam rubber football attached to a 60" white long pole. Teaches players to react to the football. Learn More
  13. Agility Sled

    Regular Price: $259.99

    Special Price $229.99

    As low as: $209.99

    Increase speed, explosion and leg strength with this training sled. Made of 1.9" powder coated steel, this unit is tough and durable. Learn More
  14. 12 Inch Agility Hurdle

    Lightweight, durable PVC plastic. 12 Inch Set of 4 Learn More
  15. agility pole set

    Multi-use pole can be used for agility training, obstacle courses, and for setting boundaries. Made of durable plastic, these 60" poles are mounted on spring loaded steel bases with a steel spike for flexibility and easy ground penetration. Each set includes 6 agility poles and a nylon carrying bag Learn More
  16. Speed Rings

    15.5" diameter flat PVC speed rings. Excellent for agility drills that develop balance and coordination. Set includes 12 speed rings and nylon carry bag. Learn More
  17. disc cones


    Item # WZ-A134

    Standard 2 inch high, 7.5 inch diameter cones

    Learn More
  18. Bungee Trainer

    Regular Price: $45.00

    Special Price $39.99

    The Recoil 360 allows you to maximize motions that are specific to your sport with resistance and assistance training. The unique flexi-cord stretches against your movement to build strength, or pulls you along to increase speed and improve your body's efficiency during direction changes. Learn More
  19.  42 INCH STRETCH TRAINING BAND Heavy Resistance

    Heavy Resistance 50- 90 lbs 1.75 inches wide by 42 inches long Learn More
  20. EMVP Kicking Velocity Program & SureFit Leg Weights

    EMVP Kicking Velocity Program & SureFit Leg Weights. Nick Novak, NFL Kicker, San Diego Chargers - “EMVP’s leg weights have proven to be a very useful training tool that I will continue to use.” Learn More
  21. Surefit Leg Weights And Two Sleeves

    SureFit Leg Weights. With a typical loose fitting ankle weight your muscles are completely out of balance as the weight shifts and slides during movement. This can cause strain and injury to the unbalanced and overworked muscles, and will likely impede proper technique. With the Surefit Leg Weights you get a proper fit. Learn More
  22. 42 INCH STRETCH TRAINING BAND Medium Resistance

    Medium Resistance 10- 45 lbs. 1.5 inches wide by 42 inches long Learn More

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