Wizard Football Kicking Stix® THE PRO’S CHOICE SINCE 1984

The Wizard football kicking holder was designed and perfected by Wizard Kicking and many top college and pro kickers. The Wizard Kicking holder is also known by many pro kickers and top kicking coaches as the Wizard Kicking Stix® Holder. Each and every year we test our Wizard Holder and implement any improvements if needed. This year we have added new color options bringing us to 9 color options to choose from:  Red & White, Red-White & Blue, Black & White, Neon Green & Silver, Purple & Silver, Green & White, Navy & Yellow, Columbia Blue & White and Vegas Gold & Black.  Your can also personalize your holder with your name for free.  We also went to a more durable black rubber cap and super strong copper rivet. It is the holder of choice for High School, College, Pro Kickers & many of the top football kicking camps across the United States.

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