Special Events

Annual Special Kicking Exposure Camps

Wizard Kicking has always worked very close with many of these great companies that offer a number of outstanding football kicking competitions, snapping competitions, showcase kicking camps and football kicking combines.  Over the years Wizard Kicking has helped promote and sponsor many of these great events.  Football kicking competitions, snapping competitions, showcase camps and football kicking combines have always been a great way to judge your ability with other kickers, punters and long snappers.   Along with learning a great deal from other kickers, snappers and punters, these special events are a great forum for exposure and possible scholarship.  Wizard Kicking has always offered great input and info on these great football kicking competitions, snapping competitions and kicking combines around the United States.  Scroll down and check out Wizard Kicking's list of the best 2017 football kicking combines, showcase camps, snapping competitions and kicking competitions.



LAS VEGAS KICKING COMPETITIONS- The Chris Sailer Kicking and Rubio Long Snapping Vegas Events have come to be the end all be all for the high school and junior college specialists of the world. For the past decade, they have produced the most talent year in and year out and have been the biggest, and best, Kicking, Punting and Long Snapping experience one can imagine. The two day Events are OPEN TO ALL Kickers, Punters and Long Snappers. You do NOT need an invite and they are on a first come, first served basis. Special Teams is one third of a football game. Kicking, Punting so important, yet often times is completely overlooked. In the past, dedicated specialists seldom received the attention and recognition they deserved especially on a national level. THAT HAS CHANGED! Chris Sailer Kicking and the National Kicking Event have created the necessary platform to put kickers/punters in the spotlight. This annual event provides top-notch instruction which helps each kicker and punter reach their full potential; furthermore, it has established credible rating standards that college football coaches from across the nation now use for recruiting purposes. The Annual National Kicking and Snapping Events will serve to not only teach you the fundamentals of kicking and punting, but also bring together the top kickers/punters from across the country; all at one location. This is the ideal platform for you to prove yourself. Over the past 10 years, 750 Kickers, Punters and Long Snappers who have attended have earned full ride scholarships to Division 1 schools. It doesn't matter what team you play for, what league or division you play in, or what state you play in this levels the playing ground! Do you have the desire and talent to make the TOP 12? I have never seen a more well organized, professionally run skills event. Chris Sailer Kicking is the # 1 authority on coaching and evaluating the specialists of the game: NATIONALLY. When a coach wants a kicker, punter, or long snapper, they know to go through Chris Sailer Kicking. I would highly recommend the National Kicking Event to any specialist looking to improve their skills and eventually play college football. Chris Sailer and Chris Rubio are the best in the business. Special Teams Coach. D1A EXPOSURE This is the SUPER BOWL for Kickers, Punters and Long Snappers. Great exposure offered by the National Kicking and Snapping Events. Jan. & May(Check Link for Exact Dates)



If you are a high school or JUCO kicker, punter or long snapper with the desire to play college football,attending the STS College Exposure Camp is a great opportunity. Held each year during the NCAA "Contact Period", this event gives kickers, punters and long snappers tremendous exposure to college coaches from NCAA Division I, II & III schools. "Held each July and December in New Jersey."


The National Camp Series offers regional camps that provide instruction and evaluations. These events are hosted by our network of expert coaches. Collectively, these coaches are the most respected in the world with NFL and College level playing experience. Our events help to gain experience, prove consistency as well as provide exposure to colleges and universities.

KCKicking College-Prep Showcase

KCKicking 's annual College-Prep Showcase gives kickers and punters the opportunity to display their abilities in a highly competitive environment and obtain quality film to include in their college recruiting film and KCKicking online player profile. This showcase features the best kicking and punting talent in the Nation with over 150 athletes in attendance. Top finishers receive individual awards and all attendees receive a rating based on their current skill level, will be ranked against other kickers/punters in their high school graduation class, and will have their Showcase results and film sent to over 750 colleges in the D-1, D-1AA, D-2, D-3, NAIA and JUCO divisions.



Join Kicking World in Austin, Texas for their annual Invite-Only Showcase Event for the top kickers, punters and snappers from across the country. Day 2 is streamed live on YouTube for increased visibility to college football coaches. Kicking World's Showcase is open to 8th Grade through 12th Grade kickers, punters & snappers who have earned an invitation (based on performance) at a Kicking World Camp. This special event will help maximize your exposure and get you noticed by college football programs. Over the years, dozens of scholarships have been earned shortly after this exclusive event. If you want to play college football, you need to be at this event. For details & more information on the Kicking World Showcase, visit www.kickingworld.com



 Kicking1on1 - Summer Mini-Camp

Kicking1on1 looks forward to bringing our current players, new players, and our coaches together for this year's Summer Mini-Camp.  Our camp goal is fostering camaraderie and building relationships between our players in an instructional and competitive atmosphere, as well as making sure our players are "tuned up" and ready for fall camp. Camp will include a few special guest speakers, as well as instruction from Kicking1on1's coaching staff, comprised of active and former collegiate players from schools such as Stanford, UCLA, USC, USD, Cal, UNLV, and Nebraska.

Kornblue Kicking Fab 50

Kornblue Kicking has become one of the most nationally recognized companies in the kicking, punting, and long snapping industry. Athletes of all levels receive professional instruction year-round in more than twenty cities around the country. Those who perform the best at our Kicking Challenge and Fab 50 camps are recognized in the Fab 50 National Rankings. The Fab 50 is actively promoted to college coaches and annually helps dozens of kickers, punters, and snappers receive college scholarships.

Dynamic Performance Sports 

Dynamic Performance Sports Register at www.DynamicKicking.com March-Carolinas Regional Kicking Event w/ Carolina Panther Guests 9am-5pm @ Mallard Creek HS Stadium Turf Field HS and College Kickers/Punters/Snappers Sponsored by Dynamic Kicking, Under Armour, Donatos Pizza, and Wizard Kicking March-Dynamic Punt, Pass, and Kick Event 2pm-5pm @ Mallard Creek HS Stadium Turf Field 3rd-8th Grade Athletes June- Dynamic Punt, Pass, and FG Kick Event 2pm-5pm @ Mallard Creek HS Stadium Turf Field 3rd-8th Grade Athletes August- Dynamic Regional Kicking Event 9am-5pm @ WCWAA Turf Field - Weddington, NC HS and College Kickers August- Dynamic Punt, Pass, and FG Kick Event 2pm-5pm @ WCWAA Turf Field - Weddington, NC 3rd-8th Grade Athletes November- Dynamic Top Kicker in the Carolinas Event 9am-5pm @ WCWAA Turf Field - Weddington, NC HS Kickers, Punters, Snappers November- Dynamic Punt, Pass, and FG Kick Event 2pm-5pm @ WCWAA Turf Field - Weddington, NC 3rd-8th Grade Athletes