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MetaSox Performance & Protection Socks

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MetaSox Performance & Protection Socks
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Metasox Performance Socks
The Issue
As the game of football develops so do the players participating. Never before have the players been so strong and fast. As a result of the forces involved in the game have never been so large.  Combine this with the modern day football boot which offers no protection to the foot and it is easy to see why serious impact injuries are becoming more common. The most prominent of these is the now highly publicised metatarsal.

The metatarsal are 5 long bones found between tarsal and phalange bones. Their principle functions are propulsion and support. Due to their thin structure and limited protection between the bone and the surface, they are highly susceptible to injury.

The Resolution
The Metasox are an evolution in technology progressing the sports and football socks into the 21st century. They are a hybrid of sock and a shinpad developed to protect the wearer from injury to the metatarsal region. It also provides the wearer with additional power when striking the ball due to composition of the pad.

Metasox are designed to work in synergy with the modern day football boot providing the player with all the qualities they are missing: support, protection, additional power and confidence. The socks have been developed with a professional club and independently tested by a specialist company.

Protection- The winged shape covers the full Metatarsal region at only 3mm deep. The MetaSox slicon panel can withstand 40 newtons of force.

Power- The MetaSox impact pad provides an extended contact period with the ball, passing on additional power to the wearer.

Precision- Engineered to extend the sweet spot, like a driver in golf, the MetaSox impact pad allows for a more accurate pass with less reaction from impact when striking the ball off-center.


Machine washable at 30oC. It is recommend they are washed inside out. 
Details are on the packaging.


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