Trusox Performance Sports Socks

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Trusox Performance Sports Socks
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Trusox Full Length Socks

Did you know that you are losing explosiveness and time when you change directions in your sport? Think about it. If you run on a tile, hardwood, or linoleum floor, and try to cut and change direction in a regular sock, you will slide multiple inches, if not feet. You CANNOT explode in the new direction. Also if you try to run and cut on a carpeted floor in regular socks, the socks will usually stick to the carpet, but your foot will slide multiple inches within your sock, again compromising your explosiveness in the new direction. With regular socks, this same thing is happening within your shoe. Of course the shoe is stopping the movement from being as drastic, as when you are not wearing shoes, but don't be fooled, you are moving and it does not allow you to perform at your best. You cannot push off in the new direction with optimal power.

Perfect for all sports, TRUSOX Reduce Blisters! This is accomplished via the patented and patent pending technologies built into TRUSOX. They stop the repetitive motions between the foot, sock and shoe, that cause blisters.

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