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Product Review (submitted on November 11, 2017):
Mike and the gentlemen at Wizard Kicking have gone above and beyond here with this new kicking cleat. As a HS player I loved using the older version of this cleat and am happy to see they're making it EVEN BETTER. Here are a few notes:
1. The ASYMMETRICAL LACING is incredible for ball contact. As a kicker 80% of your job is simply quality contact with the ball. It can be difficult to do this with traditional lacing on other cleats as the knots can interfere with your touch on the ball. In a position where the difference between a game winner and a shank is a quarter of an inch, you need EVERY advantage you can get with ball contact.
2. It's FULL GRAIN LEATHER exterior not only further complements the quality touch, and ball contact you will feel on the ball in these cleats but also ensure a cleat with longevity and comfort. My previous pair of Wizard Kicking cleats lasted me 5+ years. Economically speaking, this boot is worth your investment especially when the average NIKE or Adidas cleat of the same quality leather can run your triple the cost of a pair of these (i.e. $130 for a pair of Wizard Kicking Cleats vs. $325 for a pair of Nike Cleats). In terms of comfort, you just can't beat leather. The high quality leather Wizard Kicking uses will, after just a few sessions, break in and literally "mold" to the unique shape of your foot. The cleat, you could say, gets even more comfortable the MORE you use it.
3. Durability: Mike and the boys at Wizard Kicking really took the feedback they were getting from top flight DI and Pro specialists on one thing they could not stand about all cleats - the instep of the toe box would fray after just a few months of kicking. Well - no more! At Wizard, Mike deliberately decided to double reinforce the instep of all Stealth Kicking Cleats to ensure you got the MOST from your hard earned money.
4. Should I buy ONE or a PAIR? I personally prefer wearing a pair, but many specialists enjoy wearing a low cut football cleat on their plant foot. Bottom line, you'll need to decide for yourself, but whether its a pair or a single boot, it's going to be comfortable. Getting a backup cleat is imperative! You never want to be in a situation where you need a backup and don't have one.
5. Sizing: Depends on what you like. If you like a REGULAR fit on your cleats BUY 1/2 size smaller than your regular sneaker size. For example if you wear a 10 for sneaker, purchase a 9.5 in this cleat. If, however you are like me and like a GLOVE LIKE FIT purchase a WHOLE SIZE smaller than your regular sneaker size. While it may be a bit tight at first, the snuggness will cause the leather to mold to the unique shape of your foot over time. The glove like fit can also cut down on your sock sliding inside the lining of the boot. (TRUSOX Can help greatly here too)
If you believe you deserve to enjoy your sport and feel/look great while doing it WHILE SAVING MONEY this is the boot for you. Mike and the boys at Wizard Kicking really are the ONLY company in the nation that makes its cleats with YOU the kicker in mind and YOUR NEEDS. They see REAL players and families who want the best for their customers, the "big box brands", just see you as a dollar sign.