Wizard Sports® continues to be your special teams headquarters. Our products include the Wizard Solo-Snap snapping target net, Douglas snapping shoulder pad, Football tackling wheel, Accusplit stopwatch, lineman split marker, football on a stick and Baden 30 oz weighted footballs. The Wizard Sports® Solo-Snap snapping target net is endorsed by pro snappers and used at all Rubio Long Snapping national events.

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  1. Wizard "Solo-Snap" Football Snapping Target Package

    The Wizard Solo-Snap snapping target is the perfect tool for snappers at any level. Muscle memory is a critical component to snapping and the Wizard Solo-Snap net provides instant feedback on the accuracy of your snaps. Wizard Sports highly recommends the target for all snappers. Learn More
  2. Wizard Sports Solo-Snap & Frame

    Wizard Sports Solo-Snap Snapping Target & Frame. Complete Standard Kicking Net Frame and one Wizard Solo-Snap Snapping Target. Learn More
  3. Wizard "Solo-Snap" Football Snapping Target Net

    Wizard "Solo-Snap" Football Snapping Target Net. Handy snapping target for field goals, punts and shot gun practice. Learn More
  4. Wizard solo-Snap And Extra Point Kicking Net

    Regular Price: $774.99

    Special Price $759.99

    Wizard Solo-Snap Snapping Target And Net Return Kicking Net Package With Included Free Wizard Holder. The Net Return Extra Point Kicking Net & the Wizard Solo-Snap Target package allows for both your kicker and your snapper to get those all important extra practice reps. Before that last second game winning kick make sure both your kicker and your snapper are ready. Learn More
  5. Extra Set Of Ten Bungees For Solo-Snap Target

    Extra Set Of Ten Black Bungees for Solo Snap snapping target. Learn More
  6. Adidas Rifle Football- Chris Sailer Vegas Kicking Football

    Wizard Sports stocks the Adidas Rifle Football. The Adidas Rifle ball is an NCAA & NFHS approved leather game football. Learn More
  7. Baden Weighted 30oz Football

    Regular Price: $49.99

    Special Price $43.99

    As low as: $39.99

    Wizard Sports stocks the Baden Weighted 30oz Football. Official Pro Size weighted 30 oz football. Learn More
  8. SafeTackle Football Tackling Wheels

    Safetackle football tackling wheels come in three sizes. The unique design allows for great pricing and affordable ups shipping. Learn More
  9. Standard Football Kicking Net And Frame

    Regular Price: $179.00

    Special Price $159.00

    Standard Football Kicking Net & Frame. Keep the ball in your yard. Placekicking, punting or any practice that requires inflatable ball containment will be much easier with this versatile football kicking net. Learn More
  10. Standard Kicking Net Carry Case And Snapping Target Carry Case

    Standard football kicking net carry case and snapping target. Learn More
  11. Accusplit Stopwatch Model # AA740MXT Ambassador

    Perfect kicking,punting & snapping stopwatch. Learn More
  12. football snapping shoulder pad

    Regular Price: $449.00

    Special Price $429.99

    Wizard Sports stocks the Douglas custom football snapper shoulder pad. Douglas snapper pad is Worn by Over 85% Of Division 1-A College Players. Learn More
  13. Mr DZ Snapper Pad Back Plate

    Douglas snapper pad back plate. A great way to get some extra lower back protection. Learn More

    Also known as football spider pads or skeleton pads, these contoured, molded, ultra light half inch thick pads offer the optimum combination of protection and comfort. Learn More
  15. Odor-Aid 14 Oz. Spray Bottle

    Odor-Aid 14 Oz. Spray Bottle

    Item # WZ-ODORAID

    Great for spraying on shoulder pads once a week. Learn More
  16. Football Padded Shirt

    Provides the ultimate combination of protection and flexibility . Grip-Tech dots give shoulder pads traction and prevent slippage Learn More
  17. disc cones


    Item # WZ-A134

    Standard 2 inch high, 7.5 inch diameter cones

    Learn More
  18. 50 ft closed reel measuring tape

    This 50 ft closed reel measuring tape will not break if twisted or stepped on. Tape made of fiberglass enclosed in a hard plastic casing with easy grip handle. Learn More
  19. snapper stick

    Snapper Stick. Foam rubber football attached to a telescoping aluminum pole that extends from 30 to 60 inches Teaches players to react to the football. Learn More
  20. Varsity Lineman Chute

    Regular Price: $179.99

    Special Price $159.99

    As low as: $149.99

    Use the Varsity Lineman Chute to teach players to fire out low and strike on the rise. Learn More
  21. Collegiate Lineman Chute


    Item # WZ-1272987

    Regular Price: $279.99

    Special Price $239.00

    The Collegiate Lineman Chute teaches players to keep a low, balanced stance while exploding off the line. Add-A-Chute for $179 each Learn More
  22. Wilson 6 Ball Football Duffel Bag

    Wilson 6 Ball Football Duffel Bag. Fleece lined to keep balls warm and dry. Holds 6 footballs. Learn More
  23. Wilson 10 ball football bag

    Wilson 10 Ball compartment ball bag. Fleece lined to keep balls warm and dry. Holds 10 footballs. Learn More
  24. Wilson 12 Ball Wheeled Duffle Roll Bag

    Wilson 12 Ball wheeled football compartment ball bag. Fleece lined to keep balls warm and dry. Holds 12 footballs. Learn More
  25. Champro Dual Action Hand Pump With Built In Pressure Gauge

    Champro Dual Action Hand Pump With Built In Pressure Gauge. Durable Aluminum Construction. Learn More
  26. football pump for kickers and punters wizard sports

    Wizard Sports stocks the Torrx Ball Pump With Automatic Pressure Gauge. The Torrx ball pump is a perfect pump for kickers and punters. The built in gauge allows for you to automatically set the Torrx pump at your desired ball pressure. No more guessing. Learn More
  27. Black Mesh All Purpose Carry Bag 24" x 36"

    24" x 36" Black Mesh Bag Learn More
  28. Adjustable Lineman Split Marker

    The lineman split is made of heavy duty vinyl. Learn More
  29. Fisher Football On a Stick

    Fisher Football On a Stick

    Item # WZ-STBALL

    Fisher Football On a Stick. Foam rubber football attached to a 60" white long pole. Teaches players to react to the football. Learn More
  30. wizard shoe and socks


    Item # WZ-WIZSOCK

    Left/right technology provides strategic anti-abrasion zones. Arch support for better fit and increased circulation. Half-cushion foot for shock absorbency and breath-ability. Learn More
  31. breath belt


    Item # WZ-BBELT

    Developed by former NFL Punter & Kickoff Specialist, Jesse Ohliger, The BREATH BELT™ is a training tool that promotes a balanced diaphragmatic breathing outcome thru the Abdominals, Obliques and Paraspinals.  The ACTIVE LENGTHENING to the hip flexors alleviate fascial restriction to Iliopsoas . A reduction in back pain and hip tightness is common among everyone wearing The BREATH BELT™. Decompression of the  lumbar spine alleviates restriction to the Superior and Inferior Gluteal Nerves -which ACTIVATE THE GLUTES!

    Learn More

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